You can find the following special elements in the game:

The Thorn

100x100 19

A Thorn is an element that prevents beads from moving under it. The Thorn can be removed by making any two combinations with the bead under it, as well as by using the Magic Bow and Mirror boosters.

The Mark

A Mark is a special element marking a bead. To collect the Mark, you need to make a combination with the marked bead.


Ingredients are special elements that you need to collect to complete a level. There are four kinds of Ingredients:





The Ball of Yarn

100x100 17

A Ball of Yarn is a special element that you need to lead along the path to complete a level.

The Bomb

100x100 18

A Bomb is a special element with a timer.

At every move the timer is reduced by 1. If it reaches 0, the Bomb will explode, and the level will be lost.

The Bomb can be destroyed by making a combination with it, as well as by using any booster.